After restore can't boot


Hi, I have a 2010 5.1 Mac Pro with a M.2 with MacOS Mojave and another M.2 with windows 10. I have a Winclone7 license (7.3.2) and Bootrunner3 to switch between OS’s because I have a Metal supported GPU an AMD Radeon Pro WX7100 that doesn’t have access to boot screen.
Everything was working perfectly till I updated a CAD software in win10 and it didn’t go well, the update had some bugs and because I make incremental weekly Winclone backups I thought It would be better to restore last working image.
To my surprise now I can’t boot in to win10 except, and this after 2 whole days of fidgeting and swapping, if I swap the GPU to the old Nvidia GT120, this way I can dual boot again.
Please give me some insight of how I can go back to my great and much needed setup, because this is my main workstation.
Best regards
Miguel Pereira



I responded to this offline since it was sent into our help system.