Block Size Issue

Imaging Macs…created master image on last years iMac…restoring this image works fine on last years iMacs and older. But on this years iMacs we are running into the Block issue. Is this Block issue supposed to be fixed with version 6?
Image is 512 and destination is 4096.

The only solution I can think of is to make a completely separate master image on one of the new iMacs…specifically for this years new iMacs

Mac OS = Sierra
Windows (wincloned) = Windows 10 Ent Version 1703 (OS Build 15063.540)

I have exactly the same problem. Help would be greatly appreciated.

If you change the image type to WIM based in the preferences when creating the image, you can restore to any Mac. However, you’ll potentially run into the issue of the start menu and MS Store apps not working (since the signature of those apps seems to get invalidated when using file based imaging). The current work around is to do just like you proposed: Create an image of the 512 block sized Macs and the 4096 block sized Mac, and deploy the Winclone image to the appropriate Mac.

The issue with WIM based images for creators update has been resolved and you should be able to use the WIM format to get around the block size issue. See