I D unknown and failed backup

Hello :

First problem :

I have to enter my ID to access the website : but my ID whas unknowed ! ( mazelles@me.com) ;

So I had to create a new account with the same ID.

( I bought several licences last two years )

Second problem :

With : Winclone 6.2 ( 18054 ) ; MacOs High Sierra ; MacBook Pro Retina 2015

I have a problem with Win clone 6, when doing a protection of my Boot Camp partition : when the copy is finished ( about 3 hours for less than 70 Go with USB 2 ! ), it appears the message :

“ Restore Error
WIM-based restore device to device failed integrity check. Please check disk and try again, try block-based cloning, or save image then restore. “

However, the backup seems to be done ( and correct ? )

I don’t understand what it means, or what to do …

Thank you.



You can see your licenses by entering your email here:


As for the second problem, it is related to an issue that believe is resolved in 6.2.1: