MDS Preparring Install error

Hi Tim,

Over the last two weeks now when ive been trying to install just a basic mac os install and do a clean erase I keep getting stuck on the restart part of the preparing mac os install. It just hangs there for hours and when I reboot it just takes me back to recovery. Here is an image of what it shows.

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Hi there,

I have the same issues while trying to install Mojave 10.14.6(due to that certification… (I found out about it doing some research) however, even though knowing this should easily fixed by downloading a new Mojave app installer; we are all taken to do it from Apple Store… and there we cannot even get it; Apple Store just refuses to allows us to download it. How do we coupe with this?

BTW, I was able to download a fresh installer for Catalina 10.15.1 and we are still getting hung while MDS tries to start and it stops in the very the same section as in the 1st picture “Raelteh” has posted here… it stops and hags just right after the last closing parenthesis.

BTW; I have MDS 1.9 version installed with Lic.; how I do get MDS 2.0?

Thank you in advance for your help here.

Hi there,

I’m running a paid license MDS version 1.9 (but you are saying you have MDS 2?) how I may get this version?
About that Mojave installer expired issues; I hate the fact I now need to use the Internet Recovery mode when using MDS. It used to work well; but now we have to boot from that “internet recovery mode” and that adds up too much time to load that mode (even on a 1000 mbs internet service).

Are you planning to get that fixed in MDS?

Thank you

You can download MDS 2 here:

MDS 2 is currently in prebeta and we expect it to go into beta week and into release the following week.

As for the expired issue, it shouldn’t require internet recovery. It should install directly from the recovery partition