Preparing MacOS Install... Stuck

I am able to boot to recovery open terminal run the command. everything starts but hangs on "preparing macOS Install.

I ran the command “tail -F /var/log/install.log”

MacBook-Pro Report Crash(775): Reason: Image not found

What am I doing wrong? this had been working for a while, now it just stopped working?

using a Samsung Portable SSD T5 500GB
10.14.6 and 10.13.6 option in MDS

This also has been happening to me over the last few weeks as well.

I made a 10.15 option to see what would happen and it worked, I was viewing the “tail -F /var/log/install.log” and looks like the 10.15 is able to pull data from apple where 10.14 is not???

We just started seeing this issue as well, but after updating the version of we were using (10.14.4 to 10.14.6) MDS script began working correctly again. One of our guys actually “hacked” his USB by replacing the with that he had just renamed!

Should I just download the most up to date version of mac os mojave then and it should fix that issue?

We have narrowed down the issue to two causes:

  1. The certificate on the macOS installer has expired. Try double clicking on the installer in the Finder and see if it gives an immediate error. If it says it is damaged, redownload from the app store.

  2. You cannot use the the .app installer to go backwards from the version of the recovery partition. If you run “sw_vers” in recovery, it will show you what macOS version it is. Make sure you are installing that version or later. You can also boot external or boot using command-option-shift-r to go into internet recovery that is an older version.

I added a warning to the current build of MDS 2 to reflect this.


I was able to fix the issue after downloading a new copy of macOS and rebuilding the drive.

thank you everyone for your help.

I’m also getting the restart error now where it just states can’t restart.

This can happen if the installer is corrupted. try deleting the macOS on the resources, download the macos installer and save again.


Hi Tim,

I downloaded the newest macOS and just retried it again on 4 machines. One machine restarted fine and the other 3 have the same reboot error.

what is the macos version of the recovery and what version are you restoring?