Size of Winclone image?


I have a bootcamp of 100GB. Is it normal that the Winclone image is only 653 bytes. These seems wrong. I want to ensure I am taking proper backups.

it is wrong
the size of installed Windows10 is about 8 GB, without your programs and files

Sometimes the finder does not show the correct size. Try control clicking on the image, and select Show Package contents, and then look at the size of the Windows.wim or boot.img.gz.


HI Tim.
I’m having the same problem.
Finder shows the Bootcamp partition @ ~102 GB.

The new (“successful”) Winclone image size is almost 700bytes.
Great tip on show package contents. boot.img.gz is 20 bytes.
Viewing from inside Winclone 7, says the new image is 120Gb (the size of the Bootcamp partition).

I’ve tried this 4 times, with the same results (except for a few odd fails).

Needless to say I’m reluctant to reformat my HD without confidence the Winclone image is valid.

Any advice would be appreciated,

Update in case this helps anyone:
After running chkdsk /b I shut down Windows, because it was mentioned if running Sysprep. However I am going to be restoring to the same Mac (downgrading from Sierra > El Capitan) so this wasn’t strictly necessary.

However on impulse I rebooted into Windows and this time just “rebooted” back out into Mac. Then trying Winclone the process worked. The first four tries the “process” took just a few minutes. After leaving Windows in sleep mode or whatever, the process took about 1:45 and the gz file is about 75Gb.

I’m proceeding with confidence now but just FYI to anyone who might be having the same problem, maybe this will solve it for you.

If I understand what happened, it is related to the NTFS journal. After running CHKDSK /b and rebooting, you have to boot back to WIndows because that is when the NTFS journal is written. After that, you can reboot and go into macOS and create an image.


Thank you for the explanation, Tim.
So yes I did reboot into Windows after chkdsk /b, but then I shut it down before booting into Mac :slightly_smiling_face: .
I had taken that advice from the instructions for migrating hardware (Sysprep scenario) — didn’t realize it would be a different scenario. No worries, it’s all good now.

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