Start Menu and MIcrosoft Store app issue in Windows 10 after restore

We are investigating an issue where you can’t Start menu and/or Microsoft App store apps after restoring a Winclone image. This only happens in Windows 10 that has the Creators Update applied. I’ll post more details around this issue as we uncover them, but you can work around this issue by creating an image using block-based imaging. In Preferences, select the “Use Block-Based imaging instead of WIM” option. Any images using block-based imaging will not have the start menu issue on restore. The only drawback to this workaround is that the image cannot be migrated to a Mac with a different block size (for instance, a MacBook Air to a new USB-C Mac). It will still work for cloning and restore on the same Mac, or between Macs with the same physical block size.

We updated Winclone 6 (in update 6.0.2) to prompt you to select the correct block size when you create an image.

If you need to migrate from different physical block size Macs, you should uninstall the Creators Update and create a file-based image. You can then restore this image on the new Mac, and update to Creators Update after restore.

I’ll continue to update this thread as we learn more.

Sadly…I’ve experienced this same problem.

This issue is resolved. Please see: