WinClone 8 crashes upon saving image


Upgraded to Catalina and WinClone 8. When I try to have a backup of the USB bootcamp drive, WinClone8 crashes right after pressing “Save Image”.

I have Paragon NTFS for Mac installed. Uninstalled that but it doesn’t make changes to the situation. Is there anything I can do?

Can you send me the crash log? There should be a message about the crash and sending to apple. Just click details and copy that text and send to

I do have exactly the same problem but running MacOS X 10.14.6. Sending crash report soon

I’m on a business trip, will send my crash reports next Monday.

We had some other reports and crash log submissions. It is fixed in beta 46114_Version-8.0.1. or later. We are testing now and will be releasing an update soon.

Get the beta here: