Winclone 8 image file size seems suspiciously small

I have just created my first Winclone 8 image of my bootcamp partition. Winclone said that the image was created successfully, But is there any way of verifying what’s in the image? I’m concerned that the file size of the image is only 20 GB, but the Bootcamp partition is 70 GB – and I want to be sure that all the Windows data were included in the image. I’m running macOS Mojave on a 2013 MacBook Pro. I’m running Windows 7 on the Bootcamp partition.

Image includes data only not the empty space from the partition
20 GB seems to be a good value for Windows without installed software
because absolutely clean Windows installation is 16GB

/Resources/tools/bin/wiminfo install.esd
WIM Information:

Image Count: 1
Compression: LZMS
Available Images:

Index: 1
Name: Windows 11 SE
Description: Windows 10 Home
Display Description: Windows 11 Домашняя
Directory Count: 23204
File Count: 104842
Total Bytes: 16097940434