16-inch migration worked great! But there is a problem


I used Tim’s latest article and migrated my boot camp partition. I followed the document exactly and it worked without any problems except one.

The problem I have now is installing the boot camp drivers. I am able to download the latest drivers using Boot Camp Assistant (from new Mac) and boot into my Bootcamp partition.

I run the setup.exe and it gets about half way to status: Boot Camp Service then gives an error box with bootcampservice.exe in it. I press ok and it states it’s complete and ask me to reboot to commit the changes. A reboot doesn’t do anything… No new drivers… no ethernet drivers…nothing.

It’s almost like it corrupt… Any ideas?


I’m in the same situation,
I’ve been able to boot into Bootcamp partition, but need an external keyboard and mouse in order log in and use windows
(no internal keyboard and trackpad are recognised). Then I’ve tried to install bootcamp drivers and and got same error screen “bootcampservice.exe”. As ridgeline stated, nothing changes, and windows stills unusable. Please need help!

Just an update. I was able to go into Device Manager and update the drivers manually by pointing them to the driver directory. Most of them updated but there are still some generic ones that wouldn’t update. Running the Windows Support Software .exe still gives the error.

At this point I have given up on this image. I went back to my old machine and updated it’s support bundle with the latest drivers. It worked without issue. It has been quite a long time since I have done this so it most likely needed it. About Bootcamp shows version 6 and my machine is an early 2015.

I’ve taken another image with the recent update and am restoring it now to the wiped partition on the new mac.

Thanks for the update and let us know how it goes.


Just wanted to give another update:
The re-imaging didn’t help and the boot camp software gives the same error. At this point I’m wondering if it has something to do with the hardware configuration of my mac and the latest drivers. I’m hoping future boot camp software updates will fix the issue. I’m also wondering if the Boot Camp 6.0 version has something to do with it and if the BC 6.1 would have been better. If anyone has any other ideas let me know. Would be nice to get it working properly.

I’ve just migrated my Windows 10 Pro Boot Camp from a 15” MacBook Pro Retina (mid-2012) to a new 2019 16” MacBook Pro following Tim’s video and the instructions here.

I’m seeing the exact same “bootcampservice.exe” error during the final step of repairing the Boot Camp drivers by running the Setup.exe from the Bootcamp folder on the USB stick.

I tried re-downloading the WindowsSupport folder from Boot Camp Assistant and even running Setup.exe from the Windows 10 desktop, but get the same error.

Any help would be appreciated!

I haven’t tried this, but does uninstalling work?


Can you test this procedure out with your lab equipment and let us know the results?

I’ll add it to a list for our QA folks to test.