16-inch migration worked great! But there is a problem


I used Tim’s latest article and migrated my boot camp partition. I followed the document exactly and it worked without any problems except one.

The problem I have now is installing the boot camp drivers. I am able to download the latest drivers using Boot Camp Assistant (from new Mac) and boot into my Bootcamp partition.

I run the setup.exe and it gets about half way to status: Boot Camp Service then gives an error box with bootcampservice.exe in it. I press ok and it states it’s complete and ask me to reboot to commit the changes. A reboot doesn’t do anything… No new drivers… no ethernet drivers…nothing.

It’s almost like it corrupt… Any ideas?


I’m in the same situation,
I’ve been able to boot into Bootcamp partition, but need an external keyboard and mouse in order log in and use windows
(no internal keyboard and trackpad are recognised). Then I’ve tried to install bootcamp drivers and and got same error screen “bootcampservice.exe”. As ridgeline stated, nothing changes, and windows stills unusable. Please need help!

Just an update. I was able to go into Device Manager and update the drivers manually by pointing them to the driver directory. Most of them updated but there are still some generic ones that wouldn’t update. Running the Windows Support Software .exe still gives the error.

At this point I have given up on this image. I went back to my old machine and updated it’s support bundle with the latest drivers. It worked without issue. It has been quite a long time since I have done this so it most likely needed it. About Bootcamp shows version 6 and my machine is an early 2015.

I’ve taken another image with the recent update and am restoring it now to the wiped partition on the new mac.

Thanks for the update and let us know how it goes.


Just wanted to give another update:
The re-imaging didn’t help and the boot camp software gives the same error. At this point I’m wondering if it has something to do with the hardware configuration of my mac and the latest drivers. I’m hoping future boot camp software updates will fix the issue. I’m also wondering if the Boot Camp 6.0 version has something to do with it and if the BC 6.1 would have been better. If anyone has any other ideas let me know. Would be nice to get it working properly.

I’ve just migrated my Windows 10 Pro Boot Camp from a 15” MacBook Pro Retina (mid-2012) to a new 2019 16” MacBook Pro following Tim’s video and the instructions here.

I’m seeing the exact same “bootcampservice.exe” error during the final step of repairing the Boot Camp drivers by running the Setup.exe from the Bootcamp folder on the USB stick.

I tried re-downloading the WindowsSupport folder from Boot Camp Assistant and even running Setup.exe from the Windows 10 desktop, but get the same error.

Any help would be appreciated!

I haven’t tried this, but does uninstalling work?


Can you test this procedure out with your lab equipment and let us know the results?

I’ll add it to a list for our QA folks to test.


I also have the same error bootcampservice.exe error. I have uninstalled the older version of bootcamp from windows 10, and redownloaded and installed the bootcamp drivers from the windows support.

I am running on a new macbook pro 16 catalina 10.15.3 and bootcamp windows 10 pro 1909.

What needs to be done is to remove the old bootcampservice.exe. Security is preventing that from being removed. There could be something else, but most likely it is that.

Here’s what you do:

(1) in a command prompt window do:

cd %temp%

That gets you to the temporary folder. There should be a log file that was outputted from the failed install (It should have an “msi” in its name and .log suffix)

The will have some random number as its title, but you should be able to which one by the time stamp.

(2) Examine the log file to find the error. something like “cannot mark installable” will show up. This will be associated with a file name, most likely bootcampservice.exe.

Delete this file. What is happening is that windows 10 security is preventing the installer from deleting it.

(3) First find that file:

In a command window:

cd /r /s bootcamp.exe

This will find the file/

(2) Most likely you will need to use safe mode to be able to delete this file.

run msconfig
select boot tab
under boot options, clear the Safe boot checkbox

(3) reboot, delete file, restore the Safe boot checkbox

I’m now stuck at this step. Was this ever resolved?

I’m getting the same error the folks above were getting when I try to install the bootcamp drivers - the big issue is not having wifi.

Hey folks!

I just ran into the same issue as you guys and could resolve it with a little tinkering. I just created this account to share my findings with you and hope they’re useful for somebody.

I migrated a Windows 10 (Edu) installation with Winclone from my Mid-2015 MBP 15" (R9 M370X) to my new 16" and injected the new SSD drivers as Winclone suggested.
Could boot into the migrated installation right away but had no mouse or keyboard (internal) working.
After plugging in the USB peripherals I, at least, could interact with the system again.

Problem with installating new Bootcamp Drivers:
By clicking on setup.exe in the downloaded WindowsSupport package almost nothing happened except for some graphics updates and the infamous “ERROR” message that wrote nothing but “Bootcampservice.exe”.

So far so bad.

My steps to solve the issue:

  1. Delete Bootcampservice:
    Win+R -> services.msc -> Enter
    Look for Bootcamp Service in the list and stop it (right click).
    Right click again and open the properties to see where the .exe file is located.
    For me it’s located at: C:\Windows\system32\BootCampService.exe
    After stopping the service in the previous step, I easily could delete the exe file.

  2. Uninstall existing Bootcamp Drivers
    When I tried to uninstall the old drivers through setup.exe of Bootcamp (the new one I downloaded with the WindowsSupport stuff from Apple) the program declined the action and was referring to an older version of the software that I wanted to un/install.
    So now my idea was to find the old MSI package from the existing installation and uninstall it through that.
    Only problem: I originally setup the system years ago and that ancient “WindowsSupport” package and the corresponding setup.exe/MSI package was long gone.
    Luckily Windows stores copies of all installed MSIs at C:\Windows\Installer - but renamed and thus cryptic.

In order to find the right MSI file, I needed to have a look into the registry (regedit.exe) and navigate to this Key:
Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData\ (Internal USER ID)\Products\

Here I started searching (CTRL+F) for the value “Boot” (check next search result with F3) and found the “Boot Camp Services” in a sub key of “Products” in the “InstallProperties” key.
Look out for the “Install Location” “C:\Program Files\Boot Camp”.

In the same key you find the location of the wanted MSI-File under the LocalPackage key.
As soon as the right msi file is identified, just navigate to it, right-click on it and uninstall it.

Now Boot Camp should be removed and right after that I was able to run the new setup.exe without any problems.

Only issue I still have for now is the sound output but I already ran Apple Update and currently performing a Windows Update.

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None of these solutions make sense to me. Could you please elaborate or provide clearer instructions or steps? I really want to use my old Windows installation instead of reinstalling everything over again. Thanks!

Hi everyone,

I am having the same issue with moving a Windows 10 installation I initially setup about 1.5 years ago on a 2018 MBP 15" to a new MBP 16". Mostly worked fine but some obvious driver issues, like the trackpad not showing up in the bootcamp control panel to allow the setting of a right click function.

Is this issue only present when migrating an existing Windows installation, or does this happen in you start from scratch and rebuild your Bootcamp installation from scratch. I would love to avoid that but since this issue has been around for months I don’t have time to wait for fix, but also don’t want to scrap everything only to find out it is an issue no matter which approach you take.

flow3124 had a good idea of uninstalling and reinstalling from a fresh copy of bootcamp setup.exe, but I was hoping to avoid mucking around in the registry. Is there a way to remove bootcamp without resorting to crawling the registry to reinstall a clean version?


This worked for me. After removing the bootcamp drivers I reinstalled the priorly downloaded bootcamp drivers.

Hi carlclark

I have just finished a fresh boot camp install on a MacBook Pro 16" installing Win10 on an external m.2 SSD and ran into the same issue of the trackpad not showing up in the boot camp control panel. The trackpad works as I can move the curser around and left click. But there is no right click and as there is no way of accessing the trackpad settings in the boot camp control panel I cannot resolve this.

Did you manage to resolve the issue?