5 minutes to Boot

To whom it may concern,

It appears after I installed bootrunner to help boot up my machine that’s it’s taking about 5-10 minutes to load in lieu of a standard boot time. I have a MacBook Pro, containing an SSD partition with Windows BootCamp partition and MacOS Mojave, and I have an external SSD connected to the MacBook Pro with MacOS Mojave. Also when bootrunner is running, it seems to only recognize the external SSD MacOS Mojave and the Windows Bootcamp partition. It does not recognize the MacOS partition found on the Macbook itself.

Also, I considered making another profile, and am perhaps thinking I should force a specific type of bootup. Under forceboottype, should I select EFI? Will that make things run faster?

Hope to hear from someone soon.


I have not seen these long boot up time, but it is possible that related to boot style. Forcing to EFI may resolve the issue.

As for the internal partition, it is probably getting unmounted when booted from the external drive. You can stop this by running a defaults command:

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/autodiskmount AutomountDisksWithoutUserLogin -bool true

see https://twocanoes.com/knowledge-base/boot-runner-3-setup-guide/