6.1.5 Update Broken

I just updated to Winclone 6.1.5. Four of the five backups in the left column now have question marks (they have NOT moved). I there a way to go back to Version 5? HELP PLEASE.

Hi Richard,

A couple of things:

  1. Winclone 6 doesn’t replace Winclone 5 when you install it. You still should see Winclone 5 in your application folder.

  2. Did you upgrade from a prior version of 6, or from Winclone 5? Try hovering over the image and it should tell you where the image is located on the hard drive.


I updated from 6.1.4. My backups had question marks over them so Winclone
couldn’t locate them. I had to drag the backups to the application and
then remove the “question” backups. Thanks for your help. I hope this
doesn’t happen again.

Thanks for writing back and letting us know. I’ll do some testing and see if I can replicate the problem here.