Accessing files in a winclone backup


because Winclone failed to restore a bootable partition, I was forced to set things up from scratch. I would like to access certain files in the backup. Is this possible?

Yes. In Winclone, you can restore to a disk image and then get access to your files from inside the image.

There was an issue restoring to disk images in WInclone 6.0.4, so try the recent beta (or wait until 6.1 is released in the next few days):


Thanks, but I had no intent of creating a 260GB disk image on my computer AND have to buy a new version of WinClone. I have a WinClone 5 license. The backup that failed to restore into a bootable state also is WinClone 5. Is there another way to get my precious data out of the failed WinClone backup WITHOUT having to restore it anywhere?

Sure. You can restore to a disk image in Winclone 5 by using Disk Utility to create the disk image: