Activation Error // Winclone 10

Dear Forum,

I ran into a few hurdles with Winclone and ended up having to restore two iMacs with the backup of the only one I was able to create a functional backup (around 70 GB in size… the other two ended up being less then 1 MB) with and did not look into it further but now I have a bigger problem… I just swapped HDDs and now am getting an license error while my iMac is still open… my gut feeling is… might there be a 10 times activation limit? Its no where stated… and to be honest… not fair…

I do have a solid internet connect… redownloaded the install… reinstalled it… did not help. What else can I try? I need this iMac to be running on Monday so am kind of in a tricky situation right now…

Thanks for your help and suggestions

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Edit: I wanted to add a screenshot but looks like I can’t upload pics here?
Edit^2: Did the “redownload license key” to be sure the key / eMail I remembered isn’t wrong… (Re-Downloading a License Key – Twocanoes Software)

…so I think I found out something… in the fine print I read its limited to two Macs… (non Pro version)… so… is it hardware specific? How can I deactivate when I already erased the drive?

Still looking for help :slight_smile:

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In Preferences, you can deactivate the license key and then activate the license on another machine. Or email with your purchasing email and we can deactivate the license.