Adobe CC Installs not working with MDS Deployment

Hello everyone,

I’m new to MDS, and I’m attempting to push a workflow including Catalina, Chrome, an Adobe CC package of about 10GB, Microsoft Office, and a couple of other simple items.

I am able to successfully create the workflow and run it from a USB drive. The OS installs, user accounts and settings are according to the workflow and Chrome and Office install successfully. I get no error message or code that’s immediately apparent to me, but no Adobe CC apps are present after the workflow completes.

Things I’ve tried:

  1. Create a much smaller pkg to push thinking it was this size of the file that was the problem – didn’t work

  2. Manually run the Adobe Package that’s on my MDS stick in the “Packages” to make sure it works outside of the workflow. It ran successfully and installed all the applications.

I’m wondering if there is a known issue with Adobe Packages, I’m having difficulty finding information on it. I’m not sure where/if logs are stored, if there are logs I’d happily share them.

Thanks everyone in advance!


I’m also having the same issue. Where can we see the logs?

The installation logs are stored in /var/log/install.log. It should let you know what the issue is.


I am pretty new to this product as well. I have had some success installing Office and Firefox. Looks like I can install small individual Adobe Apps such as PhotoShop but cannot install larger packages using multiple Adobe Apps. Attached is a small extract from my log file.

It looks like the installer is trying to launch a UI app. The usual way to resolve this is to install that “at first login” where a UI session is available.