After installing through MDS and restarting some problems

Every think runs fin in the instalation process, but when I start to use the macbook air late 2015, it feels laggy with the resuorces that I intstalled via MDS, for example, Chrome, takes long to launch, same with office and Adobe reader. If I let one of those apps open and restart the Mac, they take like a minute to launch. Can some one explain me how to solve this problem? Thank you¡¡

That is strange. It could be that it is reindexing or the desktop database. Does it still happen after letting it sit for a while? Look in console as well and see if there are any errors being thrown.


Seems that after some reboots behaves more normal. My question was on the way if there is something that I did wrong so I can fix it on the next test. Thanks for your answer.