Alternative to sysprep - sysprep not able to validate Windows Installation


I am hoping there is an alternative to sysprep when preparing the Windows installation for migration to a new mac. My windows 10 installation is an upgrade from a previous version of windows. Each time I try to run sysprep it fails at the start with a message that sysprep was not able to validate windows installation. From what I can make out, sysprep will not run if your windows installation is an upgrade. Anyone able to confirm this is correct and if so if there is an alternative to sysprep or a work around to get sysprep working.

This is my first experience with winclone (bought it today just to migrate a single bootcamp installation to a new mac) so I hope I haven’t wasted my money.

Thanks in advance.

No money will be wasted :). If you can’t get it to work, you can get a refund here:

You are correct that sysprep doesn’t work in all cases. Sysprep is only really needed if migrating to new hardware that is different from the prior hardware. I would recommend trying it without sysprep.


I am having the same problem. Sysprep will not work on windows 10. However, I cant find a way to import anything but a winclone image. How do I create one from my windows 10 disk?

Can you explain a bit more what is going on? I am unclear where the error is.