APFS and Boot Runner


I am struggling with trying to use boot runner with a machine that has been formatted to APFS. I am able to select the bootcamp partition with no issues, however after the upgrade I lost the ability to select Macintosh HD. I have tried to target the container and the hard drive itself but it still hasn’t allowed me to select Mac HD and I am running out of ideas. Any and all help will be HIGHLY appreciated.


Is the APFS volume the current boot volume or are there multiple partitions? Can you post the output of “diskutil list” in Terminal and also your config profile?


Thanks for the reply, it was an issue with the version of BootRunner we had. We had version 2.5.4 and we just purchased 3.0.2 today and now we are running into no issues with it. Sorry for the wasted time :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me know. I guess I should have asked that first :blush: