Apple M1 MacBookAir10,1

I have updated to the latest version of MDS 4.0 and downloaded all the latest versions of macOS that we use. The MacBook Air is a new M1 that is running the latest version of macOS. I boot into recovery wipe the Harddrive, then mount the HTTP share where MDS is I select Big Sur. It runs gets to 100% and gives me the window to select okay I do then it brings up the Big Sur window where it wants me to select a drive I do so and then it tells me there is no users available to authorize and shuts down.

any help would be greatly appreciated thank you

When I created the Big Sur it has an Administrator account to be created with it along with a few Packages,

package 1 creates or Filewave client

package 2 binds it to or domain and creates a few customization items

Try looking in the /var/log/install.log on the target volume. that is where all the package installation is logged to.