AppleMNT.sys Driver Error

Hi Team,

I bought the Winclone 9 software to clone a bootcamp partition from a 2015 MacBook Air running Catalina to a 2020 Intel based MacBook Air running BigSur.

Everything went fine from creating a clone to restoring it to installing the drivers I got from bootcamp assistant on the 2020 MacBook Air via winclone 9, however when I restarted the laptop and attempted to choose the partition to boot from, the bootcamp partition was not showing. Only MachintoshHD & efi Boot options were visible.

I thought to go into MachintoshHD and do a startup disk change to Bootcamp since the bootcamp partition was showing normally while running MacOs, but I was faced with the missing AppleMNT.sys driver error (attached photo).

Would it it be easier to just start from scratch and create a new bootcamp partition since I have a backup of the data on the bootcamp partition from the old laptop or am I missing a step.

Would much appreciate any help possible.


This is probably due to the wrong AppleMNT.sys due to digital signature error. Try turning off secure boot in recovery from the Startup System Utility and see if it boots.