Assistance for File Server Mount Deployment

I moved from Managing an all Windows and Chrome environment to an environment of all Macs and mostly Mac Servers. Its Been a large learning curve. Doing ok mostly, except I’m not sure on a few things related to mapping the Shares when mounting images for deploying the MDS workflows.

I put the created workflow disk image in a folder on the desktop of an old Mac mini Printserver called MDSResources which I shared out to guest read only for testing before moving it elsewhere.
Here is the syntax I’m attempting to use:

mkdir /MDSResources/macimages
mount_smbfs smb://guest@PrintserverMac.local/MDSResources
hdiutil mount /MDSResources/ST13BSURWPackages.dmg

Question 1: for MKDIR, if the share is directly to the /MDSResources folder on the desktop and I put in mkdir /MDSResources/macimages I’m assuming it makes the directory “macimages” inside of the shared MDSResources folder, but for the hdiutil command, I still use the original path of where the image currently is at or hdiutil mount /MDSResources/ST13BSURWPackages.dmg , correct?

Question 2: Can you explain the command /Volumes/MDSResources/run so I know what it should be named or pointing to? With the external drive workflow process, it was very clear but not wrapping my head around it for a server based image for some reason.

Again, going from an all Active Directory Windows and Chrome environment to an almost entirely Apple environment has been challenging so I greatly appreciate patience with my questions and the helpful tools you provide here.

I also tried going from a web server. I can pull the image down on any computer on the network from the web browser with no issues or authentication requests. When I try doing the same from Recovery. in the terminal using hdiutil mount http://10.x.x.x/image.dmg I get
Mount failed ~ Authentication Error.

If I could get past this, it would be easier. Any ideas?

Try opening Safari (or “Get Help” in recovery) and go to that same URL and see if it works. Usually it means there is a redirect or authentication required.