Auto restart using volume name instead of identifier/node


I can’t seem to get Boot Runner to automatically boot into Windows (Boot Camp) when I specify the volume using the label/name.

When I specify the identifier/node (disk0s3), it works great:


However when I try to use the volume name (Win HD), no go.

I have also renamed the volume, removing the space, (WinHD). This also did not work.

Here is the layout of the Mac disk:

Running macOS Mojave 10.14.3 + APFS.

Any help is appreciated,

Nindi Gill aka Ninxsoft

Did you change the label of the BOOTCAMP Volume on the Volume and VM Configuration page? If you changed the label, use the exact label name and not the name in Disk Utility. Let me know if that is not the issue.

Hi Maren,

I manually rename the Windows volume by booting into Windows, and also updated the volume name to match via the Volume and VM Configuration page.

The label name and name that shows in Disk Utility are both the same, Win HD.


Nindi Gill

Will you send your profile email and I will download the Boot Runner profile.