Automatic boot to default OS

I"m sure I’ve misunderstood or missed directions somewhere; but I can’t figure out how to get BootRunner to autoload Windows (in this setup) after some time of no selection. For example, when the computer has restarted and is unattended - can it be set to wait, 30seconds for example, and then boot to WIndows?

This is a 5,1 Mac Pro with Mojave on one boot disk and WIndows 10 on another.


Sure. It is configured via a configuration profile created at See these settings:

  1. Automatically select volume – Use the device name or identifier to select a default boot volume.
  2. Between Times – You can specify the time period when this default will be in effect and Boot Runner will automatically reboot and boot into the specified volume.
  3. Limit Days – You can specify the days that restarting will take place.
  4. Timeout – The amount of time that the user is given before the Mac is restarted.

this is all documented in the admin guide:


I have performed the necessary steps that you’ve outlined but the process isn’t working like I am wanting. On a dual boot setup (macOS and Windows) I would like the Boot Runner screen to show up for 60 seconds then if no choice is made to auto login to the macOS. I have auto login enabled on the Mac so unfortunately it bypasses the Boot Runner screen at startup.

I have similar problems - I want Boot Runner to default to Windows 10 on a separate physical device, but on startup Boot Runner just sits at the section screen indefinitely.