Automaton board version?

Looking into making my own Automaton, does it matter whether you use the ItsyBitsy 3v or 5v board?


Turns out that it does matter! Not so much for functionality but you can’t use our compiled firmware on non-5V versions. You can, however, compile it yourself:


Thanks! I bought the ItsyBitsy 5v 16mhz 32u4 and can’t get it programmed to save my life. In the MDS app if I choose create Mac Automaton it sees the device, says programming, then entering programming mode, then programming, back to entering programming mode, programming, and cycles a few more times till eventually erroring out with “The programming timed out. Please unplug and plug in the automaton and try again.”

I hit “Show Log” in the MDS app but unfortunately it showed nothing. Any ideas?

I’m getting the exact same issue. Flashes between the installing messages and then just says Timed Out.

If this is catalina, the fix is in 10.15.2 beta 1 or later. should be coming out soon.