Backed up File extremely small on Winclone 8

I used Winclone 7 to backup my Bootcamp (Windows) under the previous MacOS version. Since I upgraded to Catalina, I also upgraded to Winclone 8. However I noticed that the backup file xxx.winclone used to be about 70+GB for several years using Winclone 7. However, with Winclone 8, the backup file became only 630 bytes. The process took 1-2 hr so it seemed ok, but the final file is too small ! Please advise. thanks

Please control click on the image in the Finder and look at the size of the Winclone.wim or image.img.gz. This will give you an idea of the full size. The Finder sometimes does not update the size correctly.


HI, similar problem here. Running Winclone 7 on 27’’ iMAC 2017 Sierra. I have 209GB of data on the Bootcamp Windows 10. After several tries resulting in 635 kb image and before falling into desperation I gave it a last go. The copying went on for more than four hours resulting in 110GB backup image. Even if there was a compression of data I am not sure this is all data I have there. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to check I have a complete image? Thanks