Backing up to a network drive, scheduling, bootcamp partition size modification, no trial and more

So at first I couldn’t find a trial version so I went ahead and bought a standard license based on the features list but so far it’s hard to find many features in Winclone other than basic click source click destination and click copy.
It took a while to figure how to get access to the Winclone Backup feature menu.

So ok I can make a copy of my bootcamp partition to an internal image or on a usb drive, frustrating to figure out how to save image to an external network drive as there is no option in the dropdown, and eventually I read in the forums that saving to a network drive is not supported, but come on this has got to be a basic feature as internal and usb are not adequate protection.
So ok, now that I’ve figured out how to get the Winclone Backup feature menu I can at least backup the bootcamp data to a network drive, right? I mean in the configure menu I can choose a network drive, but no it comes up with an error saying the destination drive is not HFS+ or Mac formatted even though it is, and again I now see in the forum this is not supported to backup to a network drive…
So I guess I have to set up my own file sync solution to schedule to sync the Winclone image to a network drive and set up a schedule for Winclone to image my bootcamp… wait no, there is no way to schedule Winclone to image bootcamp, or is there? Backup has got to be set it and forget it or it ain’t going to happen long term…

And where is there any menu options to shrink and resize the bootcamp partition, a feature but I can’t find it?

Please let me know if I am missing something if any of the above IS possible, or if not, when these features will be available?
IS there a trial because it would have been nice to find all this out beforehand?

CAN I schedule Winclone to image bootcamp or is it all manual?

The shrink and resize appear if you change to block-based imaging in the preferences.

There currently no trial version.

There is not currently way to schedule an image.

WInclone Backup makes uses of hard links so use on network drives is not optimal.


Thanks for the response on the resizing of the bootcamp partition.

The feature list seems to include backing up to network drives:

  • Supports network restore from remote Winclone image to local Boot Camp partition
  • Supports saving Winclone image directly to SMB network storage (AFP support coming)
  • Supports saving to external or network storage

But reading in the forums and here you say there is no support for backing up to network drives.

IS the feature list incorrect?
When will these features be implemented?

Also, is scheduling an image a feature being worked on?


The feature list is correct, except for the “remote Winclone image”. That feature was removed in Winclone 6. Can you tell me where you saw it.

As for the scheduling feature, we do have scheduling for Winclone backup for the users folder. We are looking at scheduled clones for an upcoming release.