Backup of bootcamp partition imposible - Error: It's not possible to assign correct rights to "helper tools"

I have winclone 4.4 on a Macbook pro (mid 2014) with Siera 10.12.6. I cannot do a backup of my bootcamp partition. After selecting the device, confirming that I have checked the disk and specifying my password, I receive the message, that the rights for a winclone helper cannot be assigned. I should verify that winclone is in the application folder. I have checked this, Winclone is in the folder (I have it started already!) and I have the rights to read and write the (I have already used the app repeatedly in the last years. When I close the message box, Winclone is closed, too.

I have switched on the Winclone protocol option.
Only logging info like

OSActivityID: 0x800000000000bfea Winclone
SenderMachUUID: xxxxxxxx-yyyy-zzzz

were generated

Winclone 4.4 does not work on 10.12. Please upgrade to Winclone 6.


it has worked in summer with 10.12

Pardon, but I don’t feel that this forum is a great pace to ask questions, respectively to get useful answers.

I have used Winclone for years and have thought I have bought a good and reliable product. Suddenly I cannot use it anymore.
I’ve got the advice to upgrade resp. buy a new version. I would understand the need to upgrade to a new version, if I would have already changed to the new High Sierra version with new file system etc., but this is not the case.

Actually, that means I have to pay again for a software, I have already paid before. I’m wondering whether it was a good decision to rely on a product with this kind of policy and I’m wondering even more whether it make sense to pay for such a product again.

Sorry you are having issues. We have a 100% satisfaction policy. If you upgrade and it doesn’t work, we will refund what you paid for the upgrade.


sorry, for me, this is not a 100% satisfaction policy. With your policy I have to pay two times for the same backup product, otherwise I cannot use it anymore and I’m not able to restore old backups!! Since I’m forced to buy again a backup software, I have decided to buy another one, with less dependencies to your update policy. Bye, bye twocanoes.