Backup Time too long

I have a 16" MacBook Pro and this software was great, but now it takes hours to “verify the integrity of the image” before it proceeds to backup. Is there a way to bypass this? I just want a simple backup.

Is this for a incremental backup?


Yes. I am backing up to a Samsung X5 via Thunderbolt 3 @ 40gbps. I have tried creating a new image a few times, but it hasn’t changed the result. When I do an incremental backup, it will spend an hour more more “verifying the integrity of the image” before beginning archiving, which doesn’t take long. Can I skip or speed up the verifying image part?

I have a X5 so I’ll try and replicate your results.


The external HD model should not matter. I got the same results on a USB 2 external HD. The verifying of the image is happening on the Mac’s SSD, which is extremely fast and equal for all users. Same problem with my previous two MacBook Pro’s. Was hoping that the X5 would solve the problem, but it made no difference. Can the verification of the image be bypassed or sped up?

I’ll look into it. thanks.