Backup up on 6, restored on 7


I backed up the bootcamp partition on Winclone 6. I then deleted the petition and updated to Mojave. I then tried to run Winclone 6 again. This time, when I launched it it said I needed Winclone 7 to run on this version of OSX. I purchased it, installed it, created a new partition, and used Winclone 7 to reload Windows. When I boot up now and hit option I select Windows but NOTHING comes on the screen. After a little bit I can hear the noise of Windows booting up with that few note welcome screen sound but thing comes on the screen.

Any idea of what is going on here? By upgrading OSX did I mess something up?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Can you make sure that the Windows volume is mounted by looking in Disk Utility? If it is grayed out, click mount and see if it mounts. It needs to be mounted to be seen by Winclone.


Hi! Thank you for the response. It is mounted. And it does begin to load and can even hear the windows welcome chime. I just see nothing on the screen.

is it a black screen with the mouse pointer? It is possible Windows things it is in dual screen mode.