Bad Sys Config Issue

We have 2012 Imacs - I just upgraded to Catalina and am trying to clone with Windows 10 pro - I get BSOD - with bad sys config error. Then after a restart error code 0xc000000001 (I think - it’s not showing that now just a stopcode).

I’ve run chkdsk and to be honest am worried about running Sysprep as it took me a week to create this image (we’re a school) and I had to get input from several teachers on the exact layout they want for each user in windows.


Let’s set up a call and discuss. Send a message here:

and I’ll give you a call. I suspect it is because it is the 2012 iMac and it requires legacy booting.


Thanks Tim ~

resolved it!

Patience is a virtue. I panicked when I saw the black screen so I rebooted.

I resolved the issue -

  1. ran chkdsk /f
  2. reimaged
  3. Realized I wasn’t waiting long enough for first time booting into windows - took 10 minutes first go around.

SATA drives are a bit slower than SSD and I know Catalina was optimized for SSD.

After that all is well.