BCD error restoring Windows 10 image to new SSD

I am currently running a Early 2011 MacBook Pro with High Sierra and ave just purchased Winclone 7. I am attempting to migrate from my 500gb sata drive to a 500gb SSD. I have a 360gb Windows 10 Pro 64bit Bootcamp partition.

I successfully migrated macOS and have been able to create a bootcamp image however when I restore it seems to go through the whole Restoring NTFS from Image and then right at the end I get an error “Restore Error. Could not copy BCD to Windows partition. This version of Windows may not support legacy booting”.

Please help…

The data was restored at this point. Try going to Tools->Make EFI Bootable… and see if that allows Windows to boot.


Thanks Tim,

It trys to boot and all I get is a blue screen…

why your BCD is at Windows partition? mine is at small separate FAT32 partition called EFI in macOS or System Reserved in Windows

Thanks for your help, I re-did the image making it WinPE bootable and it restored correctly.