Best Practices for Mac Mini / WIN 10 Backup? (NOTHING works so far....)

Hello all…

just upgraded to Winclone 8 (from 5, or 4).
I’ve got a Mac Mini 2012 and have just upgraded to Mojave / Win 10
I wanted to make a ‘simple’ backup of the Bootcamp partition before i started installing apps, etc. to have in case of an emergency.
The plan is (was) to make a partition on my USB drive and copy it to that.
First attempt was using “Volume to Volume” but that didn’t work
So i tried making an ISO and saving it to the local drive and then restoring that (via Winclone) to the USB drive, but again, no luck.

What have you all had the most success with?

I made a bootable copy of MAC OS via the Disk Utility, and it took 10 mins.
I’ve been struggling with this Winclone thing for the better part of the day and and mildly amazed at how difficult its being.

One thing, for example, was that the Boot Camp partition is 220 GB… but the ISO i created is only 28GB. BUT - when attempting to restore the ISO to the external drive partition (100GB) i got an error message (one of many, btw) that the partition needed to be "at least 220GB, which is mildly annoying, but ok).

Any help / tips would be greatly appreciated… I’m sure there is a way to make this work :slight_smile:


Mac Mini 2012 / OSX Mojave / Win 10

PS- here are some messages i got…


it sounds like an issue with SIP. Can you disable SIP and try again?


Hi Tim. I’m afraid I don’t know what that means. Can you elaborate?

Thanks!! Husky.

Sorry, here is a link to the article:


Thanks Tim.

I’ll probably skip this. I’m not too sure about the whole Terminal thing…
I’m doing a clean install of everything and don’t want to risk breaking something before i even start.

I was hoping i could ‘simply’ make a backup of the WIN 10 partition before i get going with PC app installs, but i guess it’s not that simple.

So i’ll find another way… (hopefully)

Sorry if I’m wasting your time.


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