BigSur and Winclone 9 - not Booting!


I am a long term user of Winclone, so thing I am used to it.

I recently made a clean install of Big Sur on by Spring 2015 MacBook Pro Retina 15".

Tried to apply my old Bootcamp Backup done with Winclone 7.

1.) Created and NTFS Partition on SSD (with Apple Diskutilities)
2.) Turned off SIP
3.) Downloaded latest Bottcamp drivers on a stick
4.) Restored Image with winlcone 9 and injected updated drivers - everything looks fine - Prgram wrote EFI changes, MBR updates, Driver injection etc. - everything looks fine.
5.) After reboot and pressing ALT I do not see the Name of the BootCamp Partition but rather EFI - if I select that, windows starts booting even showing the Windows logo and the regular turning wheel for app. 5-10 Sec’s. After that the System automatically reboots with the regular tone directly into MAC OS.

I already tried under ‘Tool’ to reengage with “Make EFI Bootable”, in the older Versions that sometimes worked.

Is there anything I might change ?


Strange. We tested a variety of hardware on big sur and there wasn’t any changes to booting. Did you try booting back to windows multiple takes? Sometimes windows will do some repair. Also, try booting into safe mode in Windows to see if it is driver related.


Indeed Strange. Yes I tried several times. In teh “alt” boot menue ist is not even shown with the HD Icon but with some kind of Terminal icon. It seems something is not ok. with marking the partition bootable.

I restore that exactly to the same Mac I used over the years with multiple Versions of Winclone. In the past of there was in issue with restoring the funktion "make EFI bootable2 always did the trick.

Btw I tried to restore multiple clones made on different dates - still not working. I restore also exectly to the same partition size.

Booting into safe mode in windows is not possible - as I wrote - the spinning wheel and the Windows icon is only available for some sec’s then the system is rebooting into macOS (interestingly with no chance to press “alt” and offering the boot menue. For that I need to restart.

In the meantime I tried repeated the process three times same result.


Any Update on that ?


Have you tried disabling secure boot in Startup System Utility in recovery? That may be worth a try.


On the windows side ?

If yes, how can I do that ?

What is unusual is, that the boot menue is not recognizing the partition
at all - in the past the “make EFI bootable” was doing the trick



Hi Tim,

update from my side. I was looking for the secure boot … But I cannot find it in recovery. Most likely this is because I run on a Mid 2014 Mac Book Pro Retina 15-inch WITHOUT T2 Chip.

So there is only the possibility to set the Firmware PW.

So, if I force the System in the recovery mode to start with the Win10 Partion (and yea, here in that mode the system recognizes the Partition under the correct name), the machine starts correctly in Win 10. At the first time it was hang up on a blue screen for some seconds, but not it immediately boots up.

The Win 10 bootcamp works properly – no issues with that.


If I set the machine to start with OSX again I CANNOT boot into Win 10 by pressing ‘ALT’. Her the system does not recognize the Bootcamp Partition with the correct name, but rater EFI Partition. Trying to boot up Win 10 is not successful here, it tries but immediately goes back to OSX, no change.

Also trying to once again make EFI bootable is not successful.

Any more Ideas.

Still, this is a fresh Big Sur 11.0.1 Clean Install, with just the Boocamp on.



You are correct. No need to disable if it is not a T2 mac. As for the boot camp partition showing up as “EFI”, that usually isn’t an issue. However, it seems that you cannot boot.

So you can restore, then boot into windows and it works. However, booting back to macOS and then restarting to Windows fails? That is very strange as macOS doesn’t modify the boot camp partition as far as I know.



as I wrote - when I boot into the recovery menue (cmd+R), I can select the Starting Volume. The Bootcamp Partition is shown here and can be selected properly.

When starting the Mac it boots now into Win10 without any problem, Win10 is running without an Issue.

I can now once again go into to recovery menu and select MacOS again (or do it from Win10 Bootcamp Tools) to start MacOS again.



When I want to see the booting Options by pressing ALT the System is showing a EFI volume without the correct Name - briefly tries to boot win10 but restarts under MacOS.


Within MacOS in System Control I tried to select Win10 as a starting Volume - here it is not showing the bootcamp partition at all-.

That is very strange. I have never heard of startup disk working in recovery but not via the boot selector or in macOS.


Do you still have this issue after updating to Big Sur 11.1?

Yes, there is only a slight change in the ALT boot Menue – now the Bootcamp Partition is named Windows, but still with the wrong name and wrong HDD Logo.

The Problem with immediately restarting into MACOS persists – I found a lot of discussions in the Apple Support forum indicating that his is a BigSur topic

I have the same behaviour as in Point 1. Still looking for solution. Did you resolved it?