Black Screen When Booting on External Display


When I restart with an external display plugged into miniDP and the machine in clamshell mode, I boot to a black screen with the Boot Runner version number and stats in the lower right corner but no other information on screen. I cannot navigate away with keyboard or mouse commands, and am forced to hard restart. I’ve tried with both the default and custom profiles with no change. Any advice?

early 2015 Macbook Pro, macOS 10.14.5, Boot Runner 3.1
SIP disabled, Accessibility privileges granted

What happens if you open the laptop from clamshell mode?

The laptop screen shows the same thing when opened. I usually have to do a hard reboot at that point.

This turned out to be a system issue and not a Boot Runner issue. The macOS login screen was not appearing at the correct resolution for my display. I resolved it by changing my Display Settings from “Scaled” to a manually set resolution.

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