Black screen when booting Win 10


I have a MBP 13-inch, Early 2011 (2.7 GHz Intel Core i7) running 10.13.6

I have 2 Internal Drives - Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250GB and WDC 1TB HDD that was in the original DVD bay (with OWC converter).

I have bought a Samsung SSD 1TB 860 QVO that I have plugged into the external USB 2.0 port and trying to use Winclone 6.2.2 to clone the existing Windows 10 Bootcamp partition from the 250GB to the 1TB one.

The intention is once successful is to remove both internal drives and replace with the external 1TB one (is in a USB case temporarily).

I have formatted the disk using the High Sierra Disk Utility with GPT and APFS. The existing partition was approx 51GB and created the new Bootcamp partion (FAT32 of course) slightly larger at approx 54 GB as per your website article - also followed your other Windows 10 FAQ / KB articles too. i.e.
“Migrate Windows 10 to an External Drive”
“Creating a Boot Camp partition for Winclone 6”
“Move Boot Camp to a Replacement Drive”
“Creating a GPT Formatted Disk”
“Troubleshooting Windows Booting after Winclone image restore”

When I first do the clone (using WIM default method), it errors at the end:
“WIM-based restore device to device failed integrity check. Please check disk and try again, try block-based cloning, or save image then restore”.

If I try the older method it then works OK with no errors.
I also boot into Windows 10 (on internal SSD existing one) it appears it has cloned successfully and have run a CHKDSK on both with no errors.

The issue is that when I boot (holding down Option key to get drive selection, I select the “EFI Boot” item on the USB drive however it comes up with a blank screen - no cursor, no Windows logo either.

If I boot back into High Sierra and choose Boot Legacy option (which I heard maybe useful for my model Macbook with the early EFI Hybrid config) and restarted, I don’t see the entry there.

On the remainder of the the 1TB SSD, I intend to install High Sierra or Mojave (with the patching tool dosdude has developed on github) - but not as yet.

Hope this is enough info…

Thanks in advance for your help


Melbourne, Australia

Is it possible you are using the optical bay for the 2nd hard drive? This has been problematic in the past to boot Boot Camp from that bay.


Hi Tim

Thanks for the reply.

Since the original post, I have swapped out the existing old 1TB HDD for the new 1TB SSD now (so not booting from the USB external drive now) - especially since the 1TB HDD also had a EFI partition from Win 8.1 (which was removed a while ago) potentially having some effect in the mix.

But in any case this is correct i.e. the original ODD was replaced with the OWC Data Doubler sled.
One thing I have observed is that I get a 0xC0000225 error sometimes when I want to boot.

I have had this a while ago (I think when I was doing the initial Windows 10 build) and likely due to EFI paths / BCD issues perhaps. Of course it was a while ago and forgot how I fixed it…

Does this sound familiar - especially with the MBP2011 which had the earlier gen of UEFI installed?