Black Windows 10 screen after restore

Subject: Black Windows 10 screen after restore


  • iMac Pro with 1TB internal SSD
  • Windows 10 internal SSD partition
  • External LaCie Rugged Pro with Thunderbolt 3

Hi Tim,

I’ve got a working running (bootcamp) Windows 10 on my internal SSD. Of course, bootcamp drivers are all updated, I’ve installed the latest Windows 10 20H20 (I believe) and updated the AMD Adraline drivers.

I did on the internal bootcamp partition a dskchk c: /f command. After this dskchk command I created with the latest WinClone 9 an image file. Then I connected my external LaCie Rugged Pro which I erased as “GUID” and “ExFAT”. After this I restored the image to the LaCie SSD. Next, restarted my iMc and selected the Windows on my LaCie drive. I see the Windows logo, then the light blue Windows logo disappears but I see the running Windows wheel. Then this disappears and the iMac display stays dark. When I click on the Magic Mouse, I see the cursor and sometimes also a blue spinning activity. Also worth to highlight that it seems that the Windows display is now split into 4 parts and only the lefthand part is active. I think this because when I move the mouse, it only stays in that lefthand area.

I didn’t do the sys prep since I know now that me internal SSD Windows 10 is working and I don’t want to loose that.

Do I do something wrong or is it not possible? I’m open for suggestions but when it fails to do this, then I would like to ask for a refund, BUT I personally would love to get it on my external SSD using for Windows.

Looking forward for your reply.

We are still looking into it, but you can get a refund here: