Block Size Error

I am attempting to clone a .VMDK image to a Windows (FAT) partition. I keep getting the error - “The image you are restoring has a block size of 512 and the destination has a block size of 4096. This will cause Windows to be unbootable …”

When I click on “more information” it takes me to a page which essentially says that this issue is fixed in the latest version of Winclone.

I have clicked “continue” in spite of the warning, but the operation fails in the end.

I am at a loss.

Can you explain a bit more about the VMDK image? How are you restoring it?


I created the VMDK image by creating a Windows 10 VM in VirtualBox. I then mounted it using Paragon VMDK mounter. I then opened WinClone, selected the VMDK image as the source and the BootCamp partition (empty) that I had created as the destination. It gave me the option to clone disk-to-disk. But then I received the Block Size error.

(I realize that what I am attempting to do may be a little out of the scope of what Winclone is intended to do, but I did read an article by someone else on one of the forums who managed to clone a VMDK image to a Bootcamp partition using this method)

Can you try saving an image first and then restoring it? That may be a way around it.


Do you mean, use Winclone to create a Winclone image from the VMDK file? Than clone?

Yes, create a Winclone image from the VMDK then restore the WInclone image.


Thank you. I appreciate your responsiveness.

That worked.

Now, however, when I try to boot into the Windows partition (Windows 10), it won’t boot with error INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE

This is probably related to the windows driver for the mass storage device.


Yeah, I’m sure you are right.

I have pretty much abandoned this project. I was hoping that I could use Winclone to deploy a Windows installation on my Mac instead of using BootCamp. Bootcamp has repeatedly messed up my partitions table and I can’t stand the limited options it provides. Apples new APFS file system has complicate things somewhat as well (although theoretically it should have made it easier)