Blue screen after a windows clone

finally got a clone to boot up only to have it give me a blue screen of death…

mac pro 3,1 high sierra 10.13.6. have a windows 7 bootcamp that I saved as a disk image to one fo my driver. Then I did a restore to ms-dos fat 32 formatted drive. copied fine.

Booted up the new winclone… allowed me to log in. As soon as it started up, my steam gaming app starts to download. then I get a blue screen of death…

tried again, same problem…

Did a safe mode boot with no drives so it seems to work find there.

NO clue as to what the problem may be. Looks like a driver issue. my boatcamp is pretty minimal so there are much fewer compatibility issues than a more general purpose windows install.

operating with a 680 nvidia…

It does seem driver related. What is the blue screen message?


Couldn’t read it at the time. Will report next boot. In safe mode now seeing what I can do.

This was from a fully functioning source btw. Never got the blue screen the decade I’ve had it.

Here it is:

The only guesses I can make is that the last time I ran the source windows bootcamp was on a system with el capitan.

Since than it was updated to high sierra and I also updated the CUDA and nvidia drivers.
CUDA 410.130, GPU driver 387.

found this relating to the particular BSOD I got:

Is it possible to run SysPrep? You can boot Windows in a VM like VMWare Fusion, run sysprep, then reboot back into Windows, and it will re-discover the hardware.


My question might not be related to your challenge…
Which winclone version did you use, 5 or 6 or 7 ?

Had a number of problems with BootCamp for Windows 7 32bit.
Using only winclone 6 solved my problem.