Blue screen. Can't restore bootcamp clone with winclone 6 and high sierra

First i introduce my specs:
imac end 2012 sierra + windows 10
everything ok.
i would like to upgrade to high sierra with a clean install.
i bought winclone 6 basic and backup a bootcamp clone.
I made a clean install open bootcamp resize the disk than it’s reboot to windows installation i stop it for back to mac and i reinstall winclone 6 and restore the bootcamp clone. than when i reboot to windows i have blue windows screen . and cannot start windows.
Can you help me? i saw somewhere i need to install windows first than the clone!!!

With 2012 iMac, you’ll need to disable SIP:

Try disabling SIP and restore again.


Hello tperfitt,
Thank’s for reply. Restore OK without disable SIP.
OK i try to explain my thought and what i’m doing for.
i was on sierra with bootcamp (windows 10) on imac end 2012 with ssd samsung 850 PRO.
and i wanted to upgrade to high sierra and decide to make a clean install. Delete everything on disk and new install. ( upgrade sierra to high sierra OK, format and new install a lot of bug than install sierra and upgrade to high sierra everything OK) i think APFS cause the problem.
Ok than i’m on high sierra and everything ok except bootcamp assistant ( some post in internet describe that bug without solutions) open bootcamp try to clic continue and it always crash.
I found when it was a usb or masse storage plug in.
i have plug my old usb storage for install windows working good on sierra and with this bootcamp crash.
i unplug and bootcamp can continue but tell me there is no usb plug for prepare the usb key, that’s normal.
than i decide to format the usb with disk utility to MS DOS(fat32) and try again. MIRACLE bootcamp work correctly and i could install windows 10 without problem.
And i wanted to restore with winclone 6, restaure mac to full osx with bootcamp than use winclone to restore reboot and bleu screen.
Today i try to restore without any usb or masse storage plug and everything going OK like a charm.
All that to say i thing there is a bug on APFS and masse storage.
I will try restore again with plug and without to see the difference.

also another difference between first retore(bad) and second(OK):
First i make a partition with bootcamp for the second i use disk utily…

OK i try to retore with bootcamp assistant partioning with usb plug and blue screen .
i try restore with disk utility partitionig with usb plug and restore is OK.
That’s mean use disk utility from mac to partitioning ms dos (fat) not bootcamp assistant. No blue screen