Boot Camp ISO Converter split problem

After the splitting Bootcamp doesn’t recognize the ISO as 64bit image file

What version of macOS is this? It seems that Boot Camp assistant has been updated where it needs to find the install.wim, but not sure if that would affect older OS’s. What error message do you get if you don’t use ISO Converter?

I have the same problem. It is on Mojave 10.14.5, after splitting, boot camp assistant no longer recognizes the image as 64bit. If I don’t split then assistant complains there isn’t enough space on my USB key (it’s 30gb so that is unlikely)

This issue was fixed in Mojave and you should no longer need Boot Camp ISO Converter. Did you try it directly with Boot Camp Assistant?


my MacBook is running Catalina 15.3 and it would crash on using bootcamp for window 10 and I trying your converter but it saying its not a 64 bit one and I am now stuck. what help please

ISO Converter shouldn’t be needed with Catalina, as it was created to resolve an issue in earlier versions of Mojave. What errors were you seeing before that cause you to look at ISO converted?


It is not the first time that I was told that I could recognize the iso or the device did not have enough space when using Boot Camp.

For the reason why Boot Camp does not work, I found this solution.

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