Boot Camp ISO Converter

I recently discovered your YouTube video Boot Camp ISO Converter when I ran into issues installing Win 10 on my 2016 Mac Book Pro. Unfortunately, I still receive the same error (boot camp install failed. An error occurred while copying the Windows installation files) after using the converter program.
I tried both the Win 10 Apr and Oct ISOs. I have plenty of room on my primary and partitioned drive. Have the latest MAC OS/Updates. Rebooted.
Any other ideas of what may be causing this issue? Disk encryption or AV software (Avast)?

I have exactly the same problem I use High Sierra, do you have Mac SSD storage? The smallest Win10 ISO (1803) from the MS site is around 4.5Gb & beyond the 4Gb FAT 32 limit. I used the Two Canoes ISO splitter and it produced two auxillary files rather than one in addition to the Bootcamp partition. There seem to be two options - the Two Canoes ISO splitter or alternatively rather than delete the Bootcamp partitiion manually fill with Windows 10 files and Apple Drivers – this does not appeal to me, I have an SSD /AFPS issue at the moment which I am getting help with thro the Apple User Forum and this issue may be affecting the Bootcamp install.

I’m on Mojave and do have an SSD (512 Gb). I saw that the ISO was still to big, so I was perplexed on how it still worked in the video. The other option doesn’t appeal to me either.
What is the SSD/AFPS issue you’re having?

The APFS has corrupt allocation data, I don’t know how this occurred but I had to wait a long time (hours) for the helper to restore the intial partition that existed before Bootcamp Install, Do disk utility > First Aid on ContainerDisk1 – Mojave has the tools to correct this High Sierra not. See