Boot Camp Partition not Bootable

Hello -

I am trying to migrate my Boot Camp partition from my Mac Mini to my MacBook. I restored the Winclone image to an external SSD but got the error message depicted in the attachment at the end of the restore process. I cannot seem to make the Boot Camp partition read/write (although Get Info says I have read/write permission). I also cannot find the “hiberfil.sys” file on the drive to delete it as instructed. When mounted to my MacBook, the Boot Camp partition on the SSD does not appear as an available Startup Disk in System Preferences. Please help!



we have had reports that this dialog is more of warning than an error. Did Winclone boot after this error? This happens when restoring of all data is complete and is verifying files for making it bootable.


The error did not affect Winclone. But the boot camp partition that was restored from the Winclone image is not recognized as a startup disk. Are you suggesting that I should restore the Winclone image and try rebooting directly from the image?