Boot Camp Windows 10 Pro BSOD - System Exception Thread Not Handled - failed at AppleLowerFilter.sys

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) after installing Apple’s Windows Support Software.

After migrating to an ‘external’ SSD successfully using Wincone 8 Standard I now have 2 Windows showing up when booting on my Mac Pro with the option key pressed? One seems to offer an option to press f8 the other loads Windows 10 Pro? Also, the reason for getting Winclone 8 was the new feature to inject a changed .sys file into Windows 10 Pro. After installing Apple’s Windows Support Software I have been getting a weird BSOD stating System Exception Thread Not Handled message with the comment failed at ‘AppleLowerFilter.sys’. It’s incredibly obscure how using an Apple keyboard one can boot into safe mode without getting Windows to load first? Of course with this continual failure to load Windows, I cannot access the Windows Start menu to be able to reboot into Safe Mode by holding the shift key? Is anyone aware of this problem and a possible solution? I have asked Apple who, after much muttering about not being repsonsible for Windows itself (even though the drivers they supply appear to be written by them), are now at least approaching their engineers. I’m not holding my breath for their reply as this was raised over a week ago? Initially after migrating my Boot Camp to a dedicated PCIe 500Gb partition using Winclone I thought the problem had gone away as for the first 3 times I loaded Windows there was no BSOD. Now it has returned!