Boot Runner 2.5.5 - Stuck on screen saver

We’ve been dealing with this issue for about a month now:
When the screen saver comes on from the Boot Runner screen the computer can only be awoken by pressing the power button twice (once to put it to sleep, and once to wake it up). This issue only occurs from the Boot Runner screen–if a user is logged in the screen saver functions normally.

Hardware: ~100 Mac Mini 6,2 and 7,1
OS: macOS 10.12.6
SIP disabled for Boot Runner
Widely installed ver. 2.5.4
Tested with ver. 2.5.5, same result

This is causing issues and confusion for our users and stress on our very limited client support team. Does anyone have ideas?

I have not seen this issue before. I’ll try and replicate it. We are releasing a beta version of Boot Runner 3 tomorrow and you can test to see if it has the same issue.