Boot Runner 3.0.2 Released!

All Boot Runner 3 customers are advised to update to Boot Runner 3.0.2. Boot Runner 3.0.2 adds a new management key to specify how the selected Windows volume will boot (EFI or Legacy). Full details.

Download Boot Runner 3.0.2

I was excited to see the changes in 3.0.2, but so far in my testing it is behaving exactly like 3.0. On a 2016 MacBook Pro with Windows 10 installed and using UEFI, I cannot get Boot Runner to boot Windows with SIP turned on. I’ve tried setting “ForceBootType” but it looks like I shouldn’t even need to do that for EFI. Any ideas why it’s not working as advertised?

Try enabling SIP but allowing NVRAM changes:


That does work. However, it still requires someone to boot into Recovery Partition and make the change. As well, csrutil gives a warning that “This is an unsupported configuration, likely to break in the future and leave your machine in an unknown state.”

What are the chances of Boot Runner being able to work in the future with SIP in it’s default enabled state?

It really depends on Apple. With SIP, they purposely prevented rebooting to other partitions programatically. We are investigating a custom kernel extension, but that requires touching each computer as well.