Boot Runner 3 still requires SIP off?

We upgraded to Boot Runner 3 largely because of “SIP compatibility and Secure Boot”. I was then disappointed to find out that SIP still has to be turned off for Boot Runner to work with Windows.

Can you explain what version 3 gained us as far as SIP compatibility? Will full SIP support be coming in a future version?


Yes, we are actively working on this issue. SIP prevents writing to NVRAM if it is completely turned off, but should work well if it just the NVRAM part is turned off. It currently doesn’t but that is an issue we are working to resolve.


Boot Runner 3 now resolves this issue as of 3.0.2:


The link posted above does not seem to address the issue raised by cbrewer - it still advises that you have to disable SIP?

Apple does not allow selecting a startup disk programmatically without partially disabling SIP.


Hello community.
Using MacOS Mojave Beta “csrutil enable –without nvram” does not work for me.
“-whitout” unknown option
I had to use csrutil disable :frowning:

Try a double-dash ("-") for the --without option.