Boot Runner 3 Windows Partition missing

Hello support team,
after installing BR3 I only see my macOS partition “macOS HD1” and not my Windows partition “Win10 HD1” (EFI BOOT in option-A boot screen). No BR3 profile is installed. CSR is disabled.

My option-A boot screen:

Whats my fault?


Boot Runner appears over the Login Window. Select the Mac partition and you should see Boot Runner over the login window. Make sure automatic login has been disabled.


That’s no my problem. All you wrote is working. But I don’t see my Windows 10 Partition to select in Boot Runner.

Sorry, I misunderstood. If you open Disk Utility, do you see the boot camp partition? Is it mounted on the desktop?


Hello Tim, yes, I see the boot camp partition in disk utility and on desktop…

Hello Tim, any ideas what I can do to fix my problem?

Can you try launch boot runner directly in the Finder? It is in /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/ and you should be able to double click on it. Try mounting / unmounting / remounting and see if it shows up.

To dismiss when running in the Finder, just select the Mac volume.


Hello Tim,
I tried what you explained: If I start Boot Runner directly from finder I see my Windows 10 partition. After unmounting I do not see it and after remount I see it again in Boot Runner. Only after booting my iMac I do not see my Windows 10 partition.



To be clear, when you reboot, you see the Boot Runner screen, but only the Mac volume shows up? And if you select the Mac volume, the login window appears? Is that correct?


Hello Tim, that is Correct!

One last question: If you select “logout” from the apple menu, does it show the Boot Camp volume? It sounds like the volume is getting unmounted at the login window.


After logout I don’t see the Boot Camp volume.

Ah, ok. So that means that something is unmounting the Boot Camp partition at logout. You have 2 options:

  1. Create a configuration at with the disk device for the unmounted volume under “Show Unmounted Volumes”. See the boot runner user guide for full details.

  2. Figure out what is unmounting the boot camp partition. Are you using any 3rd party NTFS drivers?