Boot Runner not accepting keyboard input on boot

Experiencing a bug where Boot Runner does not register keyboard input (directional left / right keys) when the Mac boots into macOS.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Power on Mac
  2. Boot Runner loads on top of macOS login window
  3. Pressing the left / right keys does nothing
  4. Click the mouse once to make Boot Runner “active”
  5. Boot Runner now accepts left / right keys, able to select a volume to boot

When logged in to macOS, logging out and using the left / right keys seems to behave correctly (after a little delay but that may just be me being impatient).

We are also using stock-standard Apple extended keyboard and mighty mouse.

Boot Runner 3.0.2 (29018)
Tested on macOS 10.12 and 10.13, same results

Any help is appreciated.

Boot Runner does bring its window to the front but there is a 1 minute delay. If you wait for a minute after it shows, does the keyboard start working without clicking?


Unfortunately even after waiting 1 minute (we gave it 5 mins), keyboard input is not accepted until you click once to make the Boot Runner “active”.

Upon logout however, keyboard inout is accepted straight away.

OK, i’ll investigate more. Boot Runner should handle this with a simulated mouse click to bring it to the front.