Boot Runner on unsupported GPU's

A pre-sales questions here.
Will Boot Runner work on my 2010 Mac Pro with an unsupported GPU ?
With unsupported GPU’s the normal start up screen does not show. Is this going to be a problem for Boot Runner ?


Boot Runner shows over the login window, so as long as the login window is shown on the correct display, Boot Runner should work fine.


Thanks Tim. Just to clarify, do you mean the normal user login window or the Apple Start Up Manager that is activated by holding down the option key at start up? With unsupported GPU you cannot access the Start Up Manager (or see a rEFInd window) as there is no EFI BIOS on the card.


Boot runner is not an EFI boot manager. It runs on top of the login window once macOS boots up.

Thank Tim. That is what I was hoping to hear. I will give it a go.