Boot Runner stuck on "restart"

MacPro 5,1
Catalina Main OS
Big Sur 2nd OS dual booted

Boot Runner will only load if I select the Catalina drive. If Big Sur is selected then the screen goes to an image that says restarting but never does.

I don’t have boot loader with my current GPU.

What is the current workaround for this issue?

Hi ApolloAE,
do you use Boot Runner 3.4? This should work for Big Sur AND Catalina, but doesn’t on Mac Pro 5,1 as it seems. I’ve got the trouble with Catalina and BR 3.4 and can’t use the start up booter either.
I thouht of upgrade to Bis Sur as well, but know I’ll better stay with Catalina at the moment.
Greetings, Dom

It might work with Big Sur, but I have not been able to test it as of yet. I did my dual boots before discovering Boot Runner. I set both up and then installed BR to save me the cost of getting a Mac EFI GPU.